Selfie are the best thing

Taking selfies is so popular that Sony is releasing a phone designed specifically for selfies. Gym clothing manufacturers are designing outfits that have selfies in mind, and now you can buy a mirror that will take your selfie. The self-picture trend is sweeping the world due to social media, smart phones, and “being seen” movement. Taking selfies has just reached a new high with the advent of the newly release off the selfie stick UK.


A device for taking pictures of yourself that fits on the end of your smartphone or digital camera is the selfie stick. It is like an extension pole for your self-facing camera. Selfie sticks are so popular; stores can’t seem to keep them in stock.

Revolutionize the way you take a self and groups photos. Gone are the pictures of just you in some fuzzy background. You use the selfie stick and in an instant the background comes to life.  A background and you are much more dramatic than seeing a picture of you in the bathroom mirror.

A selfie stick resembles the cameras-on-the-end-of-a-pole commonly used for taking sports shots. Perhaps that is where the idea originated. Now instead of a single person in a selfie, there are hordes of people grinning and gamming for the camera. How awesome this device would have been for the Oscars when Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie of her and her actor friends. No one would have been left out!

Selfie sticks became popular first in Southeast Asia. Interestingly enough, this area contains four of the top 10 “selfiest” cities in the world. Take a trip to Makati City or a part of Manila and home to 500,000 people. This city has more selfies than anywhere in the world. Twenty-somethings in Indonesia are also clamoring for the metal wands to help them improve their selfie and selfie group photos. The trend has hit Anaheim and Santa Ana, California, Manhattan, New York, and Manchester, England.

Where to Find Selfie Poles

Amazon and Google searches return hundreds for the selfie stick. Prices range for a mere $7.99 to over $79.99. Order your bluetooth selfie stick from any website and you will receive a metal pole that has a handle on one end and a clamp on the other end. The clamp holds your phone in place. There are selfie sticks with remote controls, some with set timers, and some with controls in the handle. Unique selfie sticks collapse into themselves after the picture is taken.

This metal rod fits smartphones and GoPros. You can find selfie sticks in Wal-Mart and some camera shops are now stocking the selfie device. It seems a bit on the weird side that picture takers would want to run around holding a long pole just to take a picture of themselves and the group. Sure it is much more convenient than asking a stranger to take your picture, but it just seems to be another way to prove how removed society seems to be from face to face socializing. Oh well, another trend proving this is the world of technology and digitals.

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