2013 is the year for travel and adventure! Each New Year brings hopes and dreams of personal and professional success and prestige, and everybody want to finally take that vacation to Europe or Hawaii. Well, Hawaii is not the only travel destination that has people getting excited about visiting. Sweden’s largest city, Stockholm, also happens to be the country’s capitol and number one city visited by tourists each year. hotel stockholm

Nearly two million people live in Stockholm, and they are distributed amongst fourteen islands. The city of Stockholm is huge compared to a rural town in the United States, it population rivaling that of a big city entity like New York. The region of Stockholm displays classical architecture through its building s and structures, and more than 30% of the entire city is composed of water ways!

Imagine floating through Stockholm on a gondola that is sailing you through the freshest and most invigorating water in all of Europe. Everything you could possibly need to have a memorable and exciting trip is available through the travel centers or state agencies, and the hotels in Stockholm don’t have to be quite as expensive as the Grand Hotel Stockholm.With three star establishments, upscale hotels, and luxury hotels all centrally located, Stockholm is guaranteed to have a suitable place for everyone in your party to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Even though it is located in an area where traditionally the climate is cold and unwelcoming, Stockholm’s weather remains pretty mild all year round. The city of Stockholm has tremendous variation in seasonal temperament. Although they only get six hours of sunlight towards the very end of the year, they yet 18 hours of sunlight on midsummer’s day. Stockholm is famous for its architectural masterpieces, and is home to over 70 museums. Some of the more specialized, personal museums include museums of dance, spirit, and the Butterfly.  Other attractions that you can visit during your trip include the natural History Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The Vasa Museum deserves a visit as well, and no trip to Stockholm is complete without seeing the Northern Sodermalm Heights, the Hammarbybacken slope, and Skyview, which is an outdoor elevator located near the tip of Ericsson Globe.

Stockholm is full of night life for the adults, but has fun stuff for the kids. There are a number of shopping centers and malls to visit, and many attractions or events offer free or reduced charges for children under six. The attractions, events, historical qualities of Stockholm are sure to make for a lasting impression. Make sure to get full use out you hotel in Stockholm and soak up the views available at Gondolen, Och Himlen, Dartill, Herman’s, and many more. Stop procrastinating and plan the details of your Stockholm adventure today. Visiting Stockholm, the jewel of Sweden, is so much more than an overnight stop on your way to something better: it’s an adventure all to itself that deserves all the time you want to spare to explore its wonder and beauty.

And I just wanna end with: there is a lot of nice hotel in Stockholm.

Edit: Well, things has happend since i wrote this post. The capital is growing with 30-40k people per year and things are happening super fast. Again: welcome here!

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