Record impact

impactIn order to ensure the safety of consumers, safety-related products undergo extensive shock resistant checks to make certain that they are capable of offering the necessary protection to save lives.

To make these safety checks possible, an impact recorder must be used to determine the force of shock that is endured by test dummies. This same technology is also used to help make certain that goods are properly protected while being shipped. Because of their versatility, an impact recorder is one of the best tools for gauging whether or not something will be damaged in many different environments.

There are many different types of impact recorders available on the market. A basic shock recorder can detect shocks from impact and get a number of the G-force behind the blow. An even more basic type of impact recorder is something called a rupture disc, which breaks when exposed to a shock of over a certain threshold. These one-use recorders are used in experimental tests, usually in a laboratory, due to their low costs and ease of use. More complicated shock impact recorders are able to not only register shock data, but it can be configured to measure shifts in direction and rolling to help put quantifiable numbers for when goods are shipped.

While the basic impact recorder measures force and vibration, i.e. a vibration logger, the more advanced models can detect a wide variety of different parameters, including temperature, tilt, and rolling, as well as the basic impact and vibration detection the device was designed for. This type of shock recorder is used primarily in the shipping industry to record the time of the impact and shock as well as sends visual cues that the safe parameters set in the device were breached.

Making use of impact recorders is important any time that sensitive goods are being moved from location to location. This is particularly true in appliances, as many forms of shock or impact can damage the internal temperature regulators and cause the device to malfunction. Sensitive equipment, including flat screen televisions, can easily break when not handled correctly. By forcing monitoring of all shipped goods, it is easier to track what happened to items broken in shipping and hold the responsible parties accountable for the damages to expensive goods and equipment.

When selecting your impact shock recorder, picking the right model for your needs is necessary in order to get the protection and tracking data that you need to safeguard your business.

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