About Acid: How Does it Work?

Acid regeneration plants are used in pickling silicon steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel. It is also used in the process of leaching minerals. This type of technology is also applied to mixed acid and hydrochloric acid. This type of environmental friendly technology essentially decreases the amount of chemicals that are consumed, improves product quality, reduces health and safety liabilities, improves economics and productivity, eliminates bottlenecks, and minimizes harmful environmental impact.

These types of acid regeneration plants (ARP’s) are fully equipped with an automated control system. This will lower instances of the operator having to conduct field intervention and provides reliable, safe daily operations using one single control room. ARP’s work well with all of a customer’s applications and process requirements and has a rate of almost 100% of acid recovery. ARP units guarantee reliable operation and easy maintenance. They also have the highest investment return and reduce ecological damage from industrial production tools.

The regeneration of hydrochloric acid is used in the process of pickling silicon and carbon steel based on a spray roaster technology and fluidized bed. Customers will have the choice of these two processes as each process is designed to work best for certain site conditions and not others. Giving our customers a choice in processes puts some control in their hands as to what is going to work best for the operation of their company.

One of the most well-known and widely used dual-purpose regeneration solutions is TOMAREG. This solution recovers mixed acids that are quite expensive for the use of pickling stainless steel and its reuse on the pickling line. The metals that have settled in the waste stream are extremely valuable. TOMAREG will produce oxide in the form of either course particles or a fine powder. The plant itself can be delivered with the option of fluidized bed or spray roaster technology.

Acid sorption is a type of purification technology that is used with diluted or moderately concentrated acid solutions used in stripping baths and for cleaning purposes. Sorption is a generalized term used to explain the process of a component moving from one phase to another. Resins are used to absorb chemicals found in specific types of solutions as well as chemicals as a stand-alone. It removes any metal contaminants that have dissolved in acid baths.

Acid regeneration and sorption is an innovative technology that provides the environment with more livable conditions. TOMAREG reduces costs by up to 70% annually and up to 98% of hazardous waste that has been discharged into the environment as a result.


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